A new generation of mixtapes for a new era.

Mixtapes represent a time when communities were formed around sharing and celebrating music together. A tradition long lost, until now. Caset is a gaming-changing new app that recreates the magic of mixtapes, while further elevating it with advanced technologies.

How it works

1. Choose a mixtape.

Caset features a curated collection of templates to make stunning mixtapes in no time. Just pick one you're in the mood for.

2. Add songs to it.

Caset seamlessly integrates with Apple Music to easily add songs from your music library and search the entire Apple Music catalog.

3. Invite your friends.

Invite friends to join your mixtape. You'll receive alerts when they join or just add existing friends with a single tap.

4. Make it next-level.

Ready the best part? Your friends can listen and contribute to your mixtape. When friends add new music, it appears instantly for everyone.

5. Enjoy it together.

Now that your mixtape is fire, it's time to sit back and enjoy. Like something your friend added? Add a reaction and we'll let them know.

That's not all.

Get Notifications

Caset will alert you when friends join or add new music to your mixtape. You can preview the album artwork and even play music right from the notification.

Add Music Videos

It wouldn't be a next-generation mixtape without music videos. On Caset, you can add your favorite music videos to mixtapes and watch them seamlessly.

AirDrop Your Mixtape

Links are so yesterday. AirDrop your mixtape with your friends for maximum coolness.


Caset has five reactions: Love, Lit, Dislike, On Repeat, and Throwback. No matter how you can feel about a track, express it with just a tap.

Accessible Design

Caset is designed to support accessibility features like VoiceOver and Dynamic Type. So everyone can enjoy mixtapes together.

Go Pro

Caset Pro is a subscription for music lovers looking to up their game with custom cover art and access the entire gallery of templates.

Mixtapes are back.